About us

The name of the organisation is called Insika Economic Movement (IEM). IEM was founded out to respond to societal needs as well as the need to restore ethical and relevant systems in achieving proactive governance and inclusive economy. INSIKA is a Zulu word meaning the following: Pillar of strength, Trustworthy, Dependable, and Selfless.

In summary the movement exist to advocate for the following:

  • True ownership of government
  • Fair Inclusive Relevant Economy
  • Proactive governance
  • Fair quality of social services

IEM is not a political party and will not form any alliance with a political party to ensure that it remains true and always relevant to it’s mandate, the members and the need of this country. We strive to give IEM members direct line to influence and participate in driving fair inclusive relevant economy, proactive governance, and fair quality of service delivery.

We are a solution driven movement with the aim to build economic competitive South Africa. IEM membership is open to all South Africans. The professionals and youth of this country are being challenged and have power to re-write the future of this country, we believe in South Africa where the youth is in the core of defining the future. Moral grounded and ethical society is very critical in realising values of Ubuntu and unity.

IEM will work closely with both churches and traditional authorities in contributing towards moral regeneration and ethical communities. We are against anything that seek to promote monopolistic behaviour in our approach to achieve fair inclusive economy. We are a democratic movement guided by the constitution of South Africa.

IEM seeks to unite people of South Africa both working and non-working class towards an economy that appreciates collective capability and fair equal access to opportunities. We seek to partner with entities in strategic areas of the economy to ensure sustainable economic growth that grows local production, expertise and jobs opportunity. We will also invest on establishing entities in areas where we can’t forge partnerships.


"Let Us own the Future together"


To be a voice of reason driven by ethical principle in achieving proactive governance and fair inclusive relevant economy.


To achieve our Vision, the movement will focus on mobilizing and uniting South Africans towards building a proactive nation owning the implementation of the new economic direction driven by three strategic pillars: Economy, Education and Social.